Academy of Dance

The Kresala Academy of Basque Dance is a non-statutory training school in the field of character dance set up by Gene Yurre in October 1968. In time it has gone on developing, and currently consists of several levels with over a hundred pupils, whose ages range from 6 to 14. They attend class during the academic year for between two and six hours per week; the classes are divided into different levels of pre-dance, beginners, intermediate level and advanced. The teaching consists of a pre-classical preparation, in which the students are trained in each of the techniques, styles and types of traditional Basque dance. On the basis of a popular repertoire, the school has woven its own material in which the young students of the academy participate –forming a bridge– alongside dancers of the dance company in the spreading and distribution of stage productions the length and breadth of the Basque Country. Moreover, pedagogical dance courses are given, special fortnights, open rehearsals, and awareness workshops are organised, and didactic methods for active teaching are used, like the cooperative project Jolastu dantzan egitasmoa (Play through Dance Project), created and directed by Faustino Aranzabal.

2017/2018 SCHOOL YEAR (between 6 and 16 years)



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October - December. Every Friday.

CLOSE GROUPS (40-45 people)

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